BMW declines the request to share the connected car data to the third parties

BMW has clearly denied any third parties access to its users’ data. This shows the awareness for  OEMs to fully protect and master the use of the driver’s and the car’s data and not allow large technology companies like Google or Apple to take the lead and monetize those data. Recent discussions have been centered on how to prevent Google or Apple from implementing their operating system within the car, thus getting access to all data. However, OEMs should also address the wireless access similarly:  they should fully master the telecommunication part in order to ascertain that a third party will not get access to the user’s data and to avoid that hackers remove the brakes remotely for example. Following the protection of onboard user’s data, the implementation of the wireless access service for the connected car in a secured and mastered way is the second key challenge that OEMs still have to address satisfactorily.


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