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The benefits of the multi domestic full MVNO model




Competitive intensity

Vertical integration. Make or buy strategy.

Operates its own core mobile network (HSS, PGW, CSCF, PCRF, MGW, MGCF, AS, etc.).

Cost effective.

Has own local SIM cards, own local IMSI and specific network code in each country thus avoiding roaming charges.

Compliance with the June 2017 European Roaming Regulation rules making permanent roaming economically unaffordable, visited mobile operators charging heavily to discourage such use.

Most importantly, the full MVNO model provides a real leverage towards MNOs: possibility to direct traffic to another network to get sustainable economic terms and conditions.

A business planning exercise clearly shows the far superior financial benefits of the multi domestic full MVNO for an OEM.


Anti hacking

Data security

Far more secured anti-hacking solution: as the network is dedicated to Connected Cars only, additional targeted security solutions would be supplemented such as Context-Aware Policy System.

All Data collected from the car is fully under the responsibility of the Automotive full MVNO, allowing true confidentiality.

Operational excellence

Own private APNs solution with private IP address ranges which keeps data separate from the public internet. This has the benefit of avoiding the security risks associated with the internet and improving system response time (latency).


The core network allows smooth evolution and integration of any new access technology (5G, C-VtoX, WIFI, LPWAN etc.).


The end user can experiment the best quality of service always connected to the best multi-access network available allowing ubiquitous car connectivity