Google to reportedly enter cellular service industry as MVNO running on Sprint, T-Mobile networks

Google has been rumored to havesigned agreements with Sprint and T-Mobile in the US to become MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator). It may be a way for Google to put pressure on US MNOs to lower their data tariffs, which are still far higher than average European ones.

However, if indeed Google intends to become a mobile service provider, this would have significant implication ,for example for the automotive industry: Google would be able to vertically integrate its services by providing the smartphone Android Auto connection, the car embedded Android –M OS and now the mobile services and ultimately the apps. This would provide Google with full control of the Connected Car value chain. And even if the car embeds a different non Google OS, it would get car and user’s data to monetize through the MVNO operation.  The car industry has to quickly think of their own answer to this challenge, so they can keep a grip on the Connected Car value chain. Or else…


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