PSA does not want to work against but with Google and Apple

Mrs Courtehoux from PSA stated yesterday that PSA should work with Google and Apple as they have successful and popular solutions. However, when asked on the conditions users data would be used, she stated that PSA, Google and Apple would have to jointly agree.

I believe it is right for an OEM to work with Google and Apple, provided that the OEM keeps the upper hand on the relationship, and for instance users data should not be monetized by third parties without the explicit consent of the user and the explicit agreement of the OEM (and part of the OEM strategy). This is particularly true as the automotive industry just adopted an ethic code of conduct regarding the handling and privacy of users’ data:

I doubt current terms and conditions of large technology companies would abide to those privacy rules. It would be time for OEMs to keep large technology companies at arm’s length and nurture positively their connected relationship with the drivers.


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