The safety of the connected car after the last disclosures from Wikileaks

automotivemvnobanner5g copie 300x116 - The safety of the connected car after the last disclosures from Wikileaks

Wikileaks recently claimed that the CIA could make targeted assassinations by selectively hacking connected vehicles.

If automakers want to counter these intrusions, a solution is that they quickly set up their own 4G Evolve Packet Core network through Full MVNO hosting agreements with mobile operators.

By controlling their own core network dedicated to the Connected Car, members of the automotive ecosystem will be able to fight effectively against hacking by managing on their own the security of access to the network:

– Proactively prevent any intrusion, in particular by setting up vehicle-specific detection means.

– Work together with all the players around the connected car = build a safety ecosystem and set up a car safety watch (specific car hacking scenarios)

– Automotive-specific safety teams can set up innovative systems such as Context Aware Policy Systems (e.g. as all the operator’s subscribers are vehicles, preventively prohibit access to a subscriber whose location is not on a road or in a garage)

In addition, as from June 2017, the European regulatory environment is changing, making permanent roaming (permanent use of a mobile operator’s subscription on a territory outside the operator’s) economically unaffordable, visited mobile operators charging heavily to discourage such use. The permanent Roaming model is currently widely used by car manufacturers and does not have the advantages of the Full MVNO model:

-Cost: the Roaming rate is in any case higher than the regulatory tariff that a Full local MVNO will get.

-Technical: high response time (latency) and complex IP addressing to implement to have local content in Roaming mode.

-Security: Call interception not possible via local mobile operator

Eric Aroule

Georges-Harald Bernard

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