The academic view on the automotive Full MVNO

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Mr Henry-Labordère, professor at the French engeneering school Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées, has published his reference book last month: Practical LTE Based security forces PMR Networks.

This book encompasses many academic aspects of Private Mobile Telecommunication Networks, as a reference for Engineers, especially for security forces.

In its chapter 4, professor Henry-Labordère addresses the relevance of the automotive full MVNO concept, following discussions we had. The approach of Professor Henry-Labordère is complementary to the one I developed in this blog: we have developed an operational approach with financial and regulatory focus, while Professor Henry-Labordère has an academic approach with heavy focus on security. His conclusion is similar to ours, i.e. an OEM should become itself a full MVNO with its own core mobile network and OTA server.

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